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Shortcut: Our SQA certification

Shortcut: Our SQA certification image

Name: Our Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) certification.
Age: 4.
Appearance: Most attractive on your course certificate (and CV).
What is it? The SQA is an executive non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government. They create and develop internationally recognised qualifications and services.
Like what? All sorts. Basically every qualification in Scotland that isn’t a university degree is awarded by the SQA. Their functions are set out in the Education (Scotland) Act 1996, amended by the Scottish Qualifications Act 2002.
Sounds legit. It is. The SQA is kind of a big deal which is why we’re so proud of our status as the only approved centre of learning for Scotch Whisky. Our courses are SQA-certified, too.
Hang on. What’s the difference between approved and certified? Funny you should ask… it took us a while to it figure out. Approval formally recognises our competence to work to a set of specified standards. Certification represents the written assurance (by a third party) of the conformity of our courses to the specified requirements.
That’s pretty specific. Well, you did ask. And it was an important question. All you really need to know is that the Edinburgh Whisky Academy is an SQA-approved centre, offering SQA-certified courses both in-person and online. There’s a lot more to it than that but it’s all fairly bureaucratic and dry to be honest.
Try me. OK. Well, being an approved centre means that we have autonomy when it comes teaching, assessing, internally verifying and certifying our candidates.
Still with you. There’s the rigorous auditing process, quality assurance checks, robust policies and procedures,
OK, stop, I’m bored. We did warn you. It’s all totally worthwhile work for us though. The verification processes of the SQA ensure that our courses are incredibly professional and meet the highest standard of learning.
Do say: I’ll drink to that.
Don’t say: Is that approved or certified?

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