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Introduction to Whisky Certificate


Looking to start your journey in whisky education? Our entry-level Introduction to Whisky Certificate is a globally accessible and flexible way to access our award-winning material and industry expertise.

You can explore the fundamentals of whisky online across eight interactive and engaging modules at your own pace. From the history, business and raw materials to production, distillation and maturation, this course will give you a comprehensive overview of whisky as a subject, providing a solid foundation on which you can build more specialist knowledge.

“There is only one online course that provides a certified formal qualification”
Forbes on the Introduction to Whisky Certificate

Upon completion, you will receive an Edinburgh Whisky Academy certificate by post. The course is awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), a public body of the Scottish Government responsible for accrediting educational awards. Should you wish to gain the SQA certificate, you have the option to take a formal assessment (additional cost of £180) at your local Prometric centre.



Gin School


Are you thirsty to learn more about all things gin? Gin School is a fun and interactive online course that will take your gin knowledge to the next level. You can sit back and explore the world of gin across six interactive and engaging modules including: History, Definitions & Styles, Distillation, Botanicals, Tasting and Cocktails.

The flexible online format allows you to learn at your own pace and you can measure exactly what you’re soaking up in the pop quizzes placed at the end of each module. Upon completion, you will receive an Edinburgh Whisky Academy certificate by post.