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Diploma in Single Malt - Course Information

The Diploma in Single Malt Whisky is a 2-day non-residential course.  Lunch is provided and information on travel can be found on the travel page

Pre-course information

Upon payment of the course deposit, candidates will receive:

The pre-course reading modules, namely The Historical Development of Distillation and Whisky & The Business of Whisky
The module learning outcomes for the pre-course modules
Information about EWA SQA Centre

The Course Structure

The 2-day course is divided into the following modules:

Day 1 (8.45 – 5.30pm)

The Raw Materials & Their Preparation
The Batch Distillation Process
The Maturation Process
A Site Visit to the Local Distillery

Day 2 (8.45 – 4pm)

Sensory Aspects of Single Malt Whiskies
World Single Malt Whiskies
The Exam

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes outline the areas of knowledge being assessed. The learning outcomes for each module are distributed and discussed prior to the module lecture.

Vic Cameron, the course lecturer, is on hand during breaks and lunch to discuss any learning areas on an individual basis.


The exam is 2 hours long and consists of a combination of multi-choice questions, short answer questions and practical exercises.  Candidates are required to achieve a 60% pass mark for each module.