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EWA Alumni: Václav Rout

EWA Alumni: Václav Rout

Former Diploma in Single Malt Whisky candidate Václav Rout is Whisky Brand Specialist for William Grant & Sons and Bruichladdich in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. We caught up with him to find out more.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.
I’m the owner of Whisky&Kilt, a private whisky club with more than 900 different bottles (and whisky collector with more than 5,000 bottles, too); a Highland Piper and founder of the Highland Games Sychrov, a traditional Scottish Festival in the Czech Republic which has attracted about 8,000 to 10,000 visitors every year (since 2000); proud father of three kids (and grandfather, too).

What attracted you to the Diploma in Single Malt Whisky?
Everything. Especially? The people. Experts with huge amount of experiences as well as knowledge. And with the skills to explain all aspects of the whisky (greetings to Vic Cameron).

What aspects of the Diploma did you find most enjoyable?
Real information, not marketing ballast.

How did the Diploma prepare you for your current role?
The Diploma is a nice ornament on the wall in my whisky club (Whisky&Kilt) but all the information I received and learnt during the course was so exhaustive and it really helps me in my current job (lecturing, writing, performing about whisky). Great course, great people and (I hope) great results.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into the whisky industry?
Never take your job in the whisky industry like just a job. It must be hobby, passion (sometimes obsession) and of course love.

Whisky wisdom: quick fire questions

First whisky you ever tasted?
In Lindores Abbey in 1494 or in Ferintosh in late 17th century? I am too old to remember it. But really – I do not remember because it was roughly about 40 years ago. But first whisky I really enjoyed a lot and have remembered since was Macallan for Italian import I tasted in late eighties.

Best whisky you have ever tasted?
So many – Balvenie 50 year old (Cask 4570); Glenfiddich 40 years (8th Release); Octomore 2.2 (Orpheus); Longmorn 23 years (Signatury for TWE); Mortlach 16 years (Flora & Fauna); Macallan 12 years (Italian import); etc. – I really love and enjoy whisky.

Who is your ‘whisky hero’?
David Stewart and Jim McEwan.

Who would you most like to conduct a whisky tasting for, dead or alive?
Charles MacLean.

Favourite distillery to visit?
Bruichladdich, Balvenie, new Macallan – different style of distilleries.

Favourite non-whisky drink?

Favourite whisky and food pairing?
Whisky and sushi.

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