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Welcome to the Edinburgh Whisky Academy; a pioneer of progressive whisky education and knowledge-building.  Our fully accredited diplomas combine the history, science, artistry and business of whisky-making to take you behind and beyond the marketing narratives of whisky’s many excellent brands. 

We are the only dedicated provider of independent, fully accredited whisky education programmes. Our unique position comes from the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) accreditation ensuring rigour at every stage. We offer real knowledge and information on all aspects of Scotch Whisky history and production.

Developed in partnership with notable experts, specialists and academics, our curriculum and content is rigorous, relevant and of the highest standard. We design our courses to give brand managers, brand ambassadors, whisky and hospitality professionals, and serious enthusiasts a fully rounded and in-depth knowledge of malts, whisky tasting and blended whiskies. The key for us is independence as our knowledge-sharing is totally impartial and brand neutral.

The Academy is an SQA accredited centre of learning.  Our diplomas have been specifically created to fill a vital gap in Scotch Whisky education.  All knowledge gained is totally impartial and neutral from any distillery or brand.