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Just getting started?

Whether you’re new to us – or new to the idea of exploring whisky – you can quickly get clued up, build confidence and boost your appreciation with our suite of accessible online certificate courses, modules and resources.

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A seasoned whisky connoisseur?

If you’re a long-time lover of Scotch, take a deep dive straight into our flagship Diploma course. Whisky geeks globally enjoy the technical depth and detail of this SQA-certified award. Indulge your passion online at your own schedule or in-person over two days.

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Looking for a gift?

Give a whisky gift with a difference: certified Scotch whisky education created by industry experts and packaged in an accessible online format. Get immediate access to a digital PDF voucher or upgrade to a selection of extra special physical packages.

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Work in the industry?

Upskill and give yourself the edge at work with our range of concise SQA-certified courses. Studied either 100% online or in-person, our engaging Certificate and Diploma courses are both intensive and industry relevant.

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Bespoke training for business

Our courses equip employees with the knowledge and confidence to excel in a variety of roles. As the only SQA-approved centre for whisky and gin education, we are first choice for the industry when it comes to staff training.

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