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Wake Up Your Whisky Nose

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Train your nose and build your aroma memory with this valuable set of sensory skills.

Module overview


Wake Up Your Whisky Nose

The sense of smell
  • What is olfaction?
  • 3 steps of smell detection
  • The anatomy & physiology of smell detection
  • Stages of the aroma journey
  • Olfactory epithelium
  • Ortho nasal & retro nasal airflow
  • Smell, memory & the limbic system
  • Olfactory cognition
  • Olfactory dysfunction
The sense of taste
  • The tongue map
  • The five basic tastes
  • From substance to taste
How to build your aroma memory
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Exercise #1 – Become a smell detective
  • Exercise #2 – Go on a nasal safari
  • Exercise #3 - Spice it up
The Scotch Whisky Tasting Toolkit
  • Why you need a whisky tasting toolkit
  • How to use a flavour wheel
  • Download your copy of the SWRI flavour wheel
  • How to use a radar chart (spider graph)
  • Download the spider graph
  • How to use a whisky colour chart
  • Download the whisky colour guide
  • How to use a tasting notes template
  • Download the tasting notes template

Test your knowledge in the final quiz

What candidates say

Outstanding! The courses I have taken are well organized, conceived, and allow for the novice to learn at self pace conducive to learning and building on the concepts presented.

Steven Hulderman


Initially I questioned the value of this course, but despite that it has made the enjoyment of whisky much more pleasurable and deepened my own focus and concentration, identifying flavours, and questioning their origins.

Kevin Kane


Without hesitation one of the best online courses I have ever taken. The course not only reignited my enthusiasm for Scottish whiskies, but also provided me with a profound understanding of the science of smell and the human olfactory system.

Gerald Kammersberger


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