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Whisky Words: Pagoda

Whisky Words: Pagoda

A pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves, common throughout Asia. It is typically associated with religious and cultural architecture, particularly in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Pagodas can serve various purposes, including as religious monuments, burial sites, and places of worship.

The typical architectural features of a pagoda include a multi-tiered structure with upward-curving eaves, often with a pointed or spire-like top. The number of tiers can vary, and the design may include intricate carvings, decorations, and symbolism specific to the cultural or religious context.

While pagodas are most commonly found in Asian countries, the term "pagoda roof" in the context of Scotch whisky distilleries refers to an architectural feature inspired by these traditional structures. 

Vic Cameron, one of our whisky lecturers explains: “A pagoda is the roof of a kiln that enhances natural ventilation. It used to be in every distillery, there'd be a kiln and a pagoda roof. It was invented by Charles Doig, and the first one was built at Dailuaine distillery on Speyside.”

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