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While Benrinnes may not be as widely known as some other Speyside distilleries, its whiskies have earned recognition among enthusiasts for their robust and complex expressions.

Now owned by Diageo, Benrinnes is a particularly special distillery for Vic as he worked for four years on site as Operations Manager! Vic says: “Being one of the few distilleries that still have worm tubs, Benrinnes gives you a really strong, robust, meaty, sulphury new make spirit. Mostly matured in ex-bourbon casks, the sulphury notes are pulled out, attaching to the char. And, while much of it is used for blending, you do get single malts… and they’re good drams.”

Production Style
Benrinnes whiskies are known for their full-bodied and complex character, often characterized by fruity, spicy and nutty notes. The distillery uses traditional copper pot stills for distillation, and the spirit is typically matured in a combination of American oak and European oak casks.

Partial Triple Distillation
Benrinnes is one of the few distilleries in Scotland to have dabbled in partial triple distillation. The distillation process has previously involved a combination of both double and triple distillation techniques, resulting in a spirit with added depth and complexity.

House Style
Benrinnes whiskies are often described as rich, fruity, and spicy, with notes of orchard fruits, malt, toffee, cinnamon, and sometimes a hint of nuttiness. The whiskies are typically well-balanced and can exhibit a range of flavors depending on the cask maturation.

Visitor Experience
Unfortunately, Benrinnes Distillery does not have a dedicated visitor centre that is open to the public. As Vic says: "Not open to the public, but it's a lovely site just at the bottom of Ben Rinnes Hill and you can drive through it."

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