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What’s covered in the Certificate in Scotch Whisky?

What’s covered in the Certificate in Scotch Whisky?

With almost 100 lessons across nine modules, the Certificate in Scotch Whisky is bursting with useful information about all things aqua vitae. 

Below, you'll find a quick overview of what you can expect to learn from the course material.

Module 1: Historical development & distillation of whisky

In this module, you’ll learn all about the fascinating early roots of distillation before focusing specifically on the development of Scotch. Journeying through some key historical dates, you’ll discover how the whisky market has developed over time, understand how the story of Scotch has been shaped by political events and evaluate how some of the more recent developments have revolutionised the category.

Module 2: The Business of Whisky

Here, you’ll learn more about the various laws relating to the production, bottling and labelling of Scotch. You’ll explore the legally recognised Scotch whisky regions and understand the role of industry bodies that have been created to protect the industry on a global scale. You’ll calculate the key issues and concerns facing the industry and consider some of the newer developments and future prospects for Scotch. 

Module 3: Raw materials

In this module, you’ll delve into the different categories of Scotch permitted by the Scotch Whisky Regulations. You’ll understand the relevant rules that govern each category, including the raw materials and production processes used. You’ll also learn more about malting barley, water, yeast and peat.

Module 4: Production process

Here, you’ll decipher the various stages of the Scotch whisky production process. You’ll learn more about barley; studying its treatment prior to malting and journeying through the different stages of the malting process. You’ll also discover more about the milling and mashing phases before exploring the role of yeast and the different factors that can influence flavour development during fermentation.

Module 5: Batch distillation

In this module, you’ll learn about the batch distillation process. You’ll discover more about how reflux, the size and shape of the still, slope of the lyne arm and rate of distillation can all contribute to the flavour profile found within the final product. You’ll also be able to identify different still shapes and evaluate how they might affect flavour.

Module 6: Maturation

Here, you’ll learn all about oak. From the different types to the influential flavour compounds that are extracted. You’ll discover more about the key flavour influences created during maturation including cask size, secondary maturation, charring, toasting and cask regeneration. You’ll appreciate how climate can alter the maturation process and understand the different warehousing systems currently in use in Scotland.

Module 7: Bottling

In this module, you’ll examine the final stage in the whisky-making process and understand how the end product is prepared for sale. You’ll explore the journey from cask to bottle, including vatting, ABV reduction, chill filtration and the bottling line.

Module 8: Grain distillation & blending

Here, you’ll learn about grain distillation, looking at continuous distillation and the Coffey Still specifically. You’ll discover a bit more about the skilful art of blending and understand the different qualities that blenders are looking for in individual whiskies to contribute to their particular blends.

Final Assessment

The final Certificate in Scotch Whisky assessment allows you to measure all the knowledge you’ve distilled along the way. Upon completion, you’ll receive a downloadable certificate and digital badge (with a printed certificate and red lapel pin an optional extra).

So, whether you’re just starting out on your journey in Scotch or have been an enthusiast for some time, we hope you’ll see how the Certificate in Scotch Whisky is perfect for improving your knowledge. Don’t forget to try the Free Preview and get started straightaway.

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