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Certificate in Gin

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Sit back and explore the world of gin across six interactive and engaging online modules. As well as a certificate of completion, you’ll brush up on your botanicals, master your aromatics and become an all-round juniper genius.

Course overview

Module 1: The History of Gin

In this module, you’ll discover more about the key historical events in gin, exploring everything from the dawn of distilling itself, to the birth of the gin industry through to the present day.

Module 2: Gin now

In this module, you’ll learn about the renaissance of gin as a category over the past 15 years and explore the most recent market figures in the UK and abroad.

As well as gaining a snapshot of gin globally, you’ll discover more about the current trends and innovations, along with the future challenges and opportunities for the category.

Module 3: Definitions & Styles of Gin

In this module, you’ll learn the definition of gin in law and discover more about the five distinct styles of gin and their characteristics.

Module 4: Distillation

In this module, you'll learn about grain neutral spirit and the process of continuous distillation. From the basics of pot stills to water reduction and vapour infusion, you'll discover the difference between one-shot and two-shot methods and understand elements that can affect spirit quality during the gin distillation process.

Module 5: Botanicals

In this module, you'll enjoy a botanical safari and learn more about 10 key botanicals used to make gin and what affect they have on the final flavour.

Module 6: Gin tasting

In this module, you'll discover the different reasons for holding a gin tasting session. You'll come to appreciate the senses used when tasting gin, how we perceive flavour and what influences flavour development.

Module 7: Gin cocktails

In this module, you'll learn more about gin cocktails and gastronomy before looking at the history and recipes of four classic gin cocktails.

Final Assessment

The final assessment, when you are ready, allows you to test yourself on your journey through the wonderful world of gin. A digital badge and certificate are issued upon completion, with a physical lapel pin and printed copy available.

What candidates say

Great interactive and up to date with current Gin trends. Recommend to gin enthusiasts, distillers and trade people.

Mauricio Fernandes


This course has encouraged me to learn more about alcoholic beverages. Course has a very precise content and very simple & understandable style of teaching.

Sharmad Prabhugaonkar


The Gin information and education in distilling was top notch. Enjoy the sessions and the test. This will very helpful as we develop our Gin business in the US. Informative and educational! Course taken via internet!

G. Paul Chapman


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