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Certificate in Irish Whiskey

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Exploring the world of Irish whiskey across eight modules, this fun and accessible online course will boost your appreciation of all things uisce beatha.

Course overview

Module 1: Irish Whiskey History

In this module written by Irish whiskey expert Fionnán O’Connor, you will learn more about the fascinating history of distillation and discover how its industry arrived in Ireland. You'll discover the key historical dates and political decisions that have significantly impacted the spectacular rise, fall and rise again of Irish whiskey over the years.

Module 2: The Business of Irish Whiskey

In this module, written by Irish whiskey expert Matt Healy, you'll learn the legal definitions of Irish whiskey and discover the different roles around which the industry's business model revolves. You'll also explore the various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by the industry in what is an exciting time for the international resurgence of Irish whiskey.

Module 3: Production Process

In this module, you'll learn more about the Irish whiskey production process, journeying from the agricultural grain in the field all the way through to the creation of alcohol in fermentation. Along the way, you'll discover the different technologies and machinery in use and understand how decision-making at each stage can affect flavour.

Module 4: Pot Still Spirit Production

In this module, you’ll learn more about pot still Irish whiskey and what makes it unique. Building on what you’ve learned in the Production Process module, you’ll discover some of the common processes particular to pot still production by both medium and larger scale distillers. You’ll also understand more about malt and grain spirit production on the island of Ireland.

Module 5: Maturation

In this module, you will learn more about the regulations and requirements for maturing Irish whiskey, explore the exciting opportunities for experimentation through the allowance of non-oak maturation and explore the different warehousing systems in use across the island.

Module 6: Blended Irish Whiskey

In this module, you'll learn the definition of blended Irish whiskey, discover who is responsible for the art of blending and explore the differences between the four possible combinations within the blended Irish whiskey market.

Module 7: Bottling & Labelling

In this module, you’ll learn more about the specific bottling and labelling requirements for Irish whiskey. From caramel colouring to chill filtration and marketing guidelines to misleading terms, you’ll discover how to decipher the various information listed on an Irish whiskey label.

Final Assessment

The final assessment, when you are ready, allows you to test yourself on your journey through the wonderful world of all Irish whiskey. A digital badge and certificate are issued upon completion, with a physical lapel pin and printed copy available.

Sensory Analysis

Building on all you’ve learned during the course, Matt Healy will guide you through the four major categories of whiskey in Ireland. It’s up to you whether you taste along and, if so, where you get your whiskeys. 

We’ve teamed up with Irish Malts (UK £34.95 / EU €39.95) and esips (USA $55) to offer a tailored whiskey tasting box that’s unique to the course. 

Alternatively, if you’d sooner source your own samples, here’s what we’ll be tasting...

What candidates say

The creators did a fantastic job pulling the course together! Really well done! I thought I knew a lot about Irish whiskey already, but the course is a wealth of knowledge!

Shane McGlynn


The program was extremely educational. The modules were easy to navigate and the videos and audio interview really helped put all the information in context. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and am so happy to have learned so much of the history of not only whiskey but of Ireland as well.

Thomas Dodson


Great foundation of history, before a deep dive into the process and legislation around bottling and labelling. Really enjoyed it. Allows me continue my whiskey journey with a degree of context and an appropriation for the chemistry and artistry which makes Irish whiskey such a wonderful find.

John Kenna


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