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Certificate in Scotch Whisky

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Perfect for beginners. This Certificate course is delivered 100% online, so you can learn more about Scotch whisky at your leisure. Approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), the format is short, easy-to-follow multimedia lessons over nine accessible yet challenging modules. Digital completion certificate and badge available upon completion of the final assessment.

Course overview

Module 1: The History of Scotch Whisky

This module covers everything from the early roots of distillation – including illicit distilling – right up to more recent developments which have revolutionised the category of Scotch within the whisky industry that we know today.  

Journeying through some key historical dates, you’ll discover how the whisky market has developed over time and understand how the story of Scotch has been shaped by political events and technological change. 

Module 2: The Business of Scotch Whisky

This module covers all commercial activity, current developments and future prospects for Scotch in an ever-changing world.  

You’ll learn about the specific UK laws that govern the categorisation, production, bottling and labelling and also appreciate the role of industry bodies that have been created to protect Scotch whisky around the globe.  

Module 3: Raw Materials

Building on what you’ve learned in relation to the Scotch Whisky Regulations, you’ll delve further into the differences between malt and grain production, learning about the different ingredients and production methods permitted for each. Of course, we’ll largely focus on water, malted barley and yeast.

Module 4: Production Process (From Grain to Liquid)

This module essentially takes us from grain to liquid. You’ll learn more about barley; studying its treatment from the field to the distillery through different stages of what’s known as the malting process. You’ll also discover more about milling and mashing before exploring the role of yeast and different factors that can influence flavour development during fermentation.

Module 5: Batch Distillation

We’re at the heart of activity within the distillery – in those trademark copper pot stills – for this module on Batch Distillation.  

You’ll discover more about how reflux, the size and shape of the still, slope of the lyne arm and rate of distillation can all contribute to the flavour profile found within the final product. You’ll also be able to identify different still shapes and evaluate how they might affect flavour. 

Module 6: Grain Distillation

This module highlights the ways in which Scotch grain production differs from Scotch malt production. You’ll discover Scotland’s grain distilleries – appreciating the vast scale at which they operate – and learn more about continuous distillation, and the Coffey Still in particular. 

Module 7: Maturation

This module takes us into the warehouse where, over time, the real magic happens. We’ll be talking wood, specifically oak, and the many ways in which it interacts with the spirit to flavour the final product.  

You’ll learn about the different warehousing systems currently used in Scotland and how climate, cask size, treatment – such as charring and toasting – finishing and cask regeneration can all affect flavour. 

Module 8: Blending

This module focusses on the skillful art and science behind great blended whiskies. You’ll learn some of the different qualities that blenders look for in individual whiskies to contribute to their particular blends.

Module 9: Bottling

This final module covers how the final product is prepared for sale. You’ll explore the journey from cask to bottle, including vatting, ABV reduction, chill filtration and the bottling line.

Final Assessment

The final assessment, when you are ready, allows you to test yourself on your journey through the wonderful world of all Scotch whisky. A digital badge and certificate are issued upon completion, with a physical lapel pin and printed copy available.

What candidates say

Presented in a way that will appeal to both enthusiasts and budding distillers. Everyone can stand to learn from this incredible program. It made my enthusiasm for the entire distilling process as well as my appreciation for whisky grow even more than I thought possible.

Jamieson Shea


As someone who's worked for the liquor control board of Ontario for a while I have been looking for an online course that really tackles my basic knowledge and understanding of spirits. This one was it. I loved it! it was thorough, interesting and worth every single penny.

Julia Rowe


A very enjoyable experience and learned a lot. Excellent information and well presented. Appropriate level with good progression of learning. For anyone not knowing much about whisky this course is appropriate, but also for those solidifying their knowledge of the technology and production.

Kevin Kane


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