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Certificate in Sensory Appreciation

Our Certificate in Sensory Appreciation brings the art and science of whisky to life in an immersive, in-person educational experience.

Crafted in collaboration with renowned whisky writer and chef, Martine Nouet, the course is a journey into the heart of whisky enjoyment and analysis. Over four interactive workshops, participants delve into the intricate world of whisky flavours, aromas and food pairings, guided by our expert instructors.

Led exclusively by our handpicked network of Approved Course Providers, the Certificate in Sensory Appreciation offers a unique opportunity to explore the origins of flavour in whisky production and maturation. Participants learn to discern aromas, judge whiskies impartially and master the art of sensory analysis.

Designed for both enthusiasts seeking to deepen their sensory understanding and professionals refining their tasting and pairing skills, our Certificate in Sensory Appreciation promises a transformative learning experience. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the sensory delights of whisky, without leaving your local classroom.

Workshop 1: Flavour Origination

The first workshop explores flavour origination. You will learn where flavour can be developed during Scotch Whisky production and maturation processes and how this is achieved.

Workshop 2: Aroma Recognition & Sensory Evaluation

This workshop tests aroma recognition skills in order to provide you with an individual sensory benchmark from which you can grow and develop a personal aroma library. You will subsequently participate in a sensory analysis of five different whiskies, learning the descriptors to use when describing aromas and how to score a whisky in an unbiased manner much like that of a professional whisky judge.

You will be given a complimentary copy of the Edinburgh Whisky Academy Method of Sensory Analysis to use going forward in their whisky journey.

Workshop 3: Seasons, Senses, Taste & Elements

The penultimate workshop takes you on a sensory safari by learning about the process of pairing foods with different whiskies. You will also learn how to categorise certain styles of whisky with seasonal foods and emotions.

Workshop 4: The Effect of Temperature & Blind Tasting

The final workshop culminates in a blind tasting where you will need to use the knowledge learnt throughout the previous workshops to create a distinct flavour profile and food pairing suggestion for the two sample whiskies used in the assessment.

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