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The A5 Edinburgh Whisky Academy x Rollo London Notebook

Enrich your whisky education experience with the A5 Edinburgh Whisky Academy x Rollo Notebook. Each lined page is itching to be filled with whisky insights, tasting notes and reflections. This isn't just stationery; it's your companion, a record of your ongoing whisky journey and pursuit of greater understanding and appreciation of every dram.

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Premium Quality

Each A5 notebook is meticulously crafted with premium-quality materials, reflecting our shared commitment to excellence.

Designed for Whisky Enthusiasts

Whether you're exploring the nuances of single malts or delving into the history of whisky production, this notebook is your indispensable companion with ample space to record your tasting notes, insights and reflections.

Handy A5 Size

The handy A5 format strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality.

💡 Never Miss a Moment of Inspiration

✊ Join the Whisky Education Revolution

More than a writing tool, this notebook is a symbol of your passion for whisky and commitment to lifelong learning.

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