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Meet the Educator: Daniel Whittington

Daniel Whittington is our Approved Course Provider in Austin, Texas. He teaches EWA courses on the campus of Wizard Academy and Whisky Marketing School.

Meet the Educator: Samantha De Noia

Samantha De Noia, founder of creative whisky agency 9 Smoking Barrels, is our Approved Course Provider in Madrid. Tel...

Meet the Educator: Joe Cabassa

Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Joe Cabassa is our Approved Course Provider for Latin America. He is the founder of whisky and spirits education company, Academia De Whisky.


Whisky Words: Coffey Still

A Coffey still, also known as a column still or continuous still, is a type of distillation apparatus patented by Aeneas Coffey in the 19th century. 

Whisky Words: Oak

Oak plays a crucial role in the Scotch whisky production process, primarily during maturation.

Whisky Words: New Make Spirit

New Make Spirit (NMS) is essentially the raw, undiluted spirit that emerges from the distillation process before it undergoes maturation in oak casks.


Michael Walsh on Edinburgh Whisky Academy’s Irish Whiskey Flavour Wheel

Our Irish Whiskey Flavour Wheel offers a guided journey through the sensory delights of the category and prompts conversation with either yourself or others as Michael Walsh explains in this video.

Esters and the Scotch whisky production process

In the Scotch whisky production process, esters are primarily generated during fermentation when yeast interacts with the sugars present in the malted barley during mashing. Yeast metabolises the sugars, producing alcohol and various flavour compounds, including esters.

The ideal grist ratio for making Scotch whisky

The grist ratio is a vital parameter for the distiller as it tells them how well the malted barley has been ground in the mill. The grist is made up of three fractions: husk (20%), flour (10%) and grits (70%).


A day in the life of a cooper at The Balvenie Distillery

20 barrels a day? Nae bother! We had the pleasure of chatting to Barry, a cooper at The Balvenie Distillery, about what a typical day in his job involves, from repairing casks to helping the apprentices.

Was Alfred Barnard the original whisky influencer?

Dr Gordon Steele discusses Alfred Barnard’s "Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom" and its lasting influence with historian Fionnán O’Connor.

Grain Whisky Distilleries in Scotland

There are currently seven grain whisky distilleries in Scotland, all of which are much larger in scale than traditi...


Meet the Maker: Matthew Paterson, Malt Man at The Balvenie

We recently visited The Balvenie Distillery to film some updated explainer videos for our Certificate in Scotch Whisk...

Whisky Jobs… Gillian Kirkland on being a Bar Owner

Edinburgh Whisky Alumni Gillian Kirkland runs The Piper Bar in Glasgow. We asked her to tell us more about the day-to...

Whisky Jobs… Gary Taylor on being a Cooper

As a cooper at Speyside Cooperage, it’s Gary Taylor’s job to check, repair and re-finish casks of all descriptions,...


Whisky Words: Valinch

A valinch is a tool used in the Scotch whisky industry for extracting samples directly from casks during the aging pr...

Enhance Your Whisky Learning Experience with the Edinburgh Whisky Academy x Rollo London Notebook

We’re delighted to have partnered with Rollo London to introduce an exclusive A5 branded notebook for our candidates. 

Fionnán O’Connor announces second Irish whiskey book, Créatúr

Certificate in Irish Whiskey teacher and passionate whiskey historian Fionnán O’Connor has announced his second book, Créatúr, alongside a community cask share venture.


Old, Older, Oldest? Iain Russell unpicks tales from the Scotch whisky industry

Marketers cannot resist an opportunity to bestow the title ‘first’ or ‘oldest’ upon their whisky brand’s distillery. ...

Why learn about whisky?

Ever wondered whether whisky is really a worthwhile topic for study? We brought together a group of whisky experts and asked them why they love to learn more about whisky.

Peaty Scotch whisky, is it possible to taste terroir?

When it comes to making peaty Scotch whisky, there are different sources – peat bogs – available to distillers from l...

Whisky Myths

Whisky myths: colour = flavour

While it may seem that a darker whisky would have more flavour than a lighter whisky, this just isn’t the case.  A wh...

Whisky myths: Drink it neat or not at all, right?

Wrong! How you enjoy your whisky is entirely up to you. If you prefer it neat, drink it neat. If you like to add wate...

Whisky myths: Does blend = bad?

No, it does not! Seemingly one of the hardest whisky myths to shake is that blended whisky is of an inferior quality....

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