Our goal is to simplify staff training. We work with companies of any size to deliver exceptional teaching that both engages and entertains.

Our online and in-person courses equip employees with the knowledge and confidence to excel in a variety of roles. As the only SQA-approved centre for whisky and gin education, we are first choice for the industry when it comes to staff training. We can liaise closely with HR and training teams to devise a programme tailored to your company’s specific needs.
  • Expert-led

    Created by a range of notable experts, our certified courses are designed to complement existing staff development programmes.

  • Certified Courses

    Different tiers of training – certificates & diplomas – ensure that we can meet the individual needs of a variety of roles within your company.

  • Bespoke Training

    We also offer bespoke courses which can be hosted at your offices, providing a cost and time effective use of staff resources.

Get in touch to discover how we can work together to help you and your business.

Contact Jack Dalton, our UK & International Sales Manager, jack@edinburghwhiskyacademy.com.

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