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Branded Glass Paperweight

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The perfect desk accessory for whisky lovers, this Edinburgh Whisky Academy branded glass paperweight will hold down any loose sheets of paper with ease. 

Whether it be scribbles from the study of our Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)-certified whisky courses or a collection of enthusiastically made whisky tasting notes, this solid glass paperweight will help to keep your papers tidy and your desk in order. 

As well as holding down loose papers, the EWA paperweight can also be used as a decorative item. Small yet sturdy, the clear glass dish oozes class and will add sophistication to any whisky collection display cabinet or shelf. 

Whether you want to celebrate your whisky education journey in style or find unusual gifts for the whisky fans in your life, you can trust the quality of our growing range of branded merchandise just as you can the standard of our educational material.   

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