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Our Whisky Courses

Familiar with the date and implications of the Wash Act? Do you know the differences in flavour compounds imparted by the cis and trans lactones in the oak cask?

Each of our whisky training courses is created to impart valuable knowledge and is designed for those seeking an in depth understanding of whisky, including its history, production process, maturation and sensory aspects.

All of our courses are certified and quality assured by the SQA as a Customised Award.  They have been written and developed in partnership with notable experts.


 EWA Diploma in Single Malt Whisky

This Diploma is ideal for those people who have a serious interest in whisky, and wish to increase their knowledge in a structured and rigorous manner.  It is also intended as professional training for those employed in the whisky and hospitality industry or for those hoping to enter the industry. 


EWA Diploma in the Art of Tasting Whisky

This Diploma is intended for people who wish to improve their knowledge of sensory aspects and flavour development.  This course is intended for those who have a strong interest in whisky appreciation as well as professional training for those employed in the whisky or hospitality industry.