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Edinburgh Whisky Academy reviews: January 2023 round-up

Edinburgh Whisky Academy reviews: January 2023 round-up

We love reading your Edinburgh Whisky Academy reviews. This month, we’ve already welcomed 180+ new candidates, with 400+ new enrolments. Whatever you’ve decided to study, we hope you are enjoying the journey, learning new exciting new things about Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey and gin every time you login to the site. 

Here’s our pick of the feedback from January:

Erik (from the USA) thoroughly enjoyed the Certificate in Irish Whiskey:

★★★★★ A Phenomenal Quality Course

“In consequence of completing the Diploma in Single Malt Whisky, another terrific course, mind you, I felt compelled to broaden my understanding of Irish Whiskey to meet its tremendous growth and customer demand. It proved insightful, accessible, and fun, never mind the great consideration of EWA providing a PDF for the very course material to reference. Thank you.”

Meanwhile Alberto (in the UK) and Kyle (from Canada) both agreed that the Certificate in Scotch Whisky was:

★★★★★ Great Course!

Kyle added:

“A great educational start in the world of Scotch whisky, how it's made, start to finish.”

And, for Alberto, “The quizzes at the end of the various chapters help memorize and focus on the main points. I will definitely continue with other courses.”

Don’t forget, there’s also a wealth of knowledge available in our free resources. These are particularly helpful if you’re just starting out on your journey with whisky education.

Victor (in the UK) recently completed Where to Start with Scotch Whisky. He said:

★★★★★ Amazing beginner introduction

“I am a beginner whisky lover, and this introductory course is fantastic for people like me, maybe a few examples with all the whiskies categories, regions, or at-the-wheel aromas can be more useful for people like me who don't have any previous knowledge.”

Equally, there is as much to gain if you consider yourself a connoisseur. Dave (from the Netherlands) downloaded The Scotch whisky tasting toolkit:

★★★★★ Very handy and a very good read

“This tasting toolkit provides the beginner and the advanced whisky drinker a perfect set to get more knowledge and joy out of your tastings.”

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